Bayley & Sage

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 34 New Kings Road, Parsons Green, London

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 +44 20 7736 2826

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I am a stooge for a good local greengrocer. Probably one of the first things I do when I move into a new neighborhood, is scope out my options for fresh, seasonal and delicious foods. When I lived in Parson’s Green in West London, Bayley & Sage was my darling go-to.

Reminiscent of a charming village grocery store, their produce ranges from a smorgasbord of cheeses to fresh bread, organic meats, wine and freshly pressed juice. They serve scrumptious salads and sandwiches, and have a daily selection of all your favourite sweets. Everything feels like it has just been picked from a garden; even their vegetable presentation in straw baskets summons an authentic quality. The space is homely and inviting, but upmarket, and you can sense by the attention to detail that the owners take great pride in serving the community premium products. While the quality is absolutely reflected in the prices, I remain convinced it is worth every penny.

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