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Known as one of Scandinavia’s most laid-back cities and the largest city in Finland, Helsinki is modest but vibrant. I only had a few days here on a work trip, but I was impressed with the city’s mix of Russian and Swedish architecture, together with it’s beautiful harbor.

Here are my top 2 recommendations for Helsinki:


The Market Square is located near the centre of Helsinki and sits right on the edge of the water. The market here is filled with vendors selling delicious (but sometimes strange looking!) fresh Finnish foods and an abundance of souvenirs. Grab a bucket of fried whitebait – do as the Finns do! – and sit on the waters edge watching the boats and bustle of tourists.


This cafe is simply divine. Often referred to as a cross between a Chekhov play and a flower-loving granny’s country cottage, you may as well be sitting in your scandinavian grandmothers kitchen. Go for cakes or quiche and expect an utterly Finnish experience.

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