Morgan & Mees

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Morgan and Mees, Restaurant

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Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6, 1052, Amsterdam

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+31 20 233 4930

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When I was living in Amsterdam, all I kept hearing about was Morgan & Mees. It’s a great restaurant (part of a new hotel) which is located in West, just around the corner from where I was living in the Jordaan. If you have plans to visit Amsterdam this coming summer, this is one of my favourite little Dutch spots and I’d definitely recommend a visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The interior borrows some of the aesthetic of the historical building it’s housed in, but with a modern touch. Think oversized green plants mixed with dark wood floors, white walls and black modern lamps – yes please! The open kitchen allows contemporary dining and lends itself to a relaxed vibe – they serve both modern Mediterranean dishes and typical Dutch staples…I still find myself longing for bitterballen on a weekly basis!



Steak tartare. Chive cream, anchovy, egg yolk, with sourdough or fries 11.50€

M&M beef burger. Gasconne beef, pickles, tomato, bacon, onion, farmcheese and fries 17.50€

Steak frites. Eggplant, artichoke, basil, parmesan, red wine gravy and fries 24€


Tuna. Broccoli, sesame, soy, spring onion bean sprouts and noodles 15€

Freekeh. Eggplant, pomegranate, pumpkin, goatcheese and pine nuts (v) 13€


Bitterballen with mustard 6€

Shrimp croquettes with mustard mayonnaise 10€




Ceviche. Corvina, kalamansi, red onion, sweet potato and corn 14.50€

Roasted ribs. Soy sauce, apple syrup, sesame and spring onion 12€


Cod. Beurre blanc, dill, herring roe, La Ratte potato and watercress 23€

Veal. Savoy cabbage, parsnips, hazelnut and madeira gravy 21€

Deer. Jerusalem artichoke, shallots, mushrooms and gravy of deer 25€


M&M caramel bar. Chocolate, caramelfudge and hazelnut icecream 8€

Lemon cake. Roasted banana, butterscotch, banana merengue and mango passion fruit icecream 7.50€

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