With fabulous cuisine, beautiful boutiques and outstanding accommodation, it’s easy to fall in love with the Swedish capital. When I visited Stockholm, I was lucky enough to be armed with two local tour-guides. I was warmly welcomed by one of my very dearest Australian girlfriends and her wickedly entertaining Swedish husband and I learned quickly that Stockholm was a city of precision, style and grace.

It seemed everything they did in Stockholm, they did well. I instantly fell in-love with Swedish music, their architecture and design and their restaurants. While I have heard the winters can be tough, I visited in Spring when the sun was out, the days were long, and the people were happy!


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You would expect the interior of a restaurant at Stockholm’s Grand Hotel to be somewhat ostentatious, so it comes as a welcome surprise that Mathias Dahlgren’s namesake establishment is modest and understated, keeping the focus exactly where it should be – on the incredible plates of award­wining food. With a string of Michelin stars under his belt, Swedish culinary genius Dahlgren has been successful in his plight to create a new Swedish identity both through his cuisine and also the restaurant’s design. Offering two varying dining experiences, ‘Matsalen’ (The Dining Room) and ‘Matbaren’ (The Food Bar), Dahlgren sources the freshest local and international ingredients for his constantly evolving menu. The leisurely, tapas­style food allows diners to sample a range of inspiring egg, cucumber and caviar served on wooden berries. The wine list is equally impressive and guests are encouraged to take their time to truly enjoy the flavours the chef blends.

/ Where

Grand Hôtel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6, 111 48 Stockholm, Sweden

/ Phone

+46 (0)8 679 35 84

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Those with a penchant for the fusion of art and fashion, or who delight in clean, progressive design, will fall in love with local label Whyred. A Swedish staple, Whyred explores the contrast of fabrics and colours in its beautiful collections for both men and women. And the best place to experience said collections is in its flagship store in Stockholm’s bustling Mäster Samuelsgatan. With a classic sandstone shop­front and a stark white interior adorned with books, contemporary lamps, and photos, everything about this boutique oozes inspiration. The distinct and chic accessories are especially in­vogue, particularly the shoe and handbag collections that draw considerable interest from locals and travellers alike. It’s no secret that designer Roland Hjort considers fashion an expression of art and through collaborations with a diverse mix of artists and musicians Whyred represents modern culture at its best.

/ Where

Mäster Samuelsgatan 3, 111 44 Stockholm

/ Phone

+46 (0)8 660 01 70

/ Online




Aspiring to give its visitors the best of everything, Sturebadet Spa has something for everyone. Holding the crown of Stockholm’s most exclusive spa, there’s no wonder you feel special the minute you walk through the door. Dating back to 1885, Sturebadet is described as a modern spa in a traditional environment. There are over 50 different treatments on offer, as well as the renowned Turkish bath. Take a morning swim in the Sturebadet pool followed by a shower in the deluxe dressing rooms. Then, pop your bathrobe and slippers on and wander into Restaurant Curman for a nutritious lunch. The afternoon might entail a massage and a manicure followed by a glass of Champagne and a chocolate in the spa lounge.

/ Where

Sturegallerian 36, 114 46 Stockholm

/ Phone

+ 46 (0)8 545 015 00

/ Online


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