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384 Oxford St Paddington, Sydney

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+61 2 9240 3000

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Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 12am

Friday – Saturday 12pm – 3am

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It seems Paddington’s Oxford Street is in for a bit of a restoration, with Merivale’s Justin Hemmes recently announcing his plans to bring some magic back to the iconic Sydney strip.

His latest endeavor, The Paddington – and its rotisserie-led menu – has claimed the spot of the former Paddington Arms, serving impressive cocktails by Palmer and Co.’s Sam Egerton and Toby Marshall, and wine curated by the award-winning Franck Moreau and Adrian Filiuta.

Chef Ben Greeno, (ex-Momofuku and Noma) joined Merivale and is leading the charge on the rotisserie-focused menu, inspired by a traditional French rotisserie you’d find in the market. From half or whole chickens, to whole stuffed fish or lamb and beef rump, the main dishes are accompanied by a delicious selection of small plates including octopus, confit tomato and black olives; smoked trout with English muffin and duck egg; and parmesan custard with sprouted pulses. If you’re keen to keep it simple, they do one of best chicken/chips/green salad combo’s I’ve had; mix it up with a bit of squid to start and an aperol spritz, and you have yourself the perfect Sunday lunch.

With specially imported, custom-made French rotisseries forming the centrepiece of the pub, the interior is eclectic. Designed with the intent to conjure an old local butcher, the downstairs is dominated by white glazed ceramic tiles, painted timber panelling and dark timber furniture, while the upstairs has a lounge-like area with booth seating and a balcony with stools overlooking the kitchen.

The setting is casual, the food is top-notch and you wont be disappointed.

To Start

Grilled cucumber, black pepper 6.
Kingfish, redcurrant, olive oil 20.
Crab on toast, herb salad 23.
Chicken offal, manoush, eggplant 18.
Spelt, roast cabbage, kombu, prawns 22.


Chicken, fries, green salad; half 28 whole 38

Lamb, red pepper, squash, sumac 39

Wagyu beef , broccoli, mustard seeds, 38

King trout, asparagas, mushrooms, spinach 37

Celeriac, pickled walnut, Montgomery’s cheddar 28


Rotisserie carrots, pumpkin seeds 10.
Roasted Otway gold potato 12.
Onion, sesame seed, soy 8.
Cos salad, radish, buttermilk 12


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